Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Turning 30!

So I have missed nearly every entry on every ThingsToDoBefore30 list. I haven’t revamped by wardrobe, I haven’t been road tripping around USA, I haven’t found my dream vocation and I don’t even have the dream body (whatever that means). Hell, I can make my own RegretsIHaveAsITurn30 list. But then, I am hardly regretting anything. And here’s why- • I have wonderful friends. • My husband thinks I am God’s gift to mankind. (Some other day I shall tell you about how he thinks he’s God though) • My parents are proud of me. (Don’t ask me why, DON’T ASK THEM EITHER. They just are  ) • I don’t hate my boss and (apparently) vice versa. • I have a beautiful place. • I DO NOT hate my colleagues. • Though there is minor wear and tear, the old body is working just fine. • I save up enough to be able to travel. (enough money I mean, there are still problems in the time department)

Monday, December 14, 2015

Get Out

Alarm Clocks are detestable objects. In my list of worst inventions ever, alarm clocks are the Abou Ben Adam, surpassing Atom Bombs and hacking software. Yet, on days of early morning flights, alarm clocks sound like Paul Mcartney singing a personalized rendition of Michelle. And it hardly matters as to where the flight is headed. Whether its business or pleasure (IMHO, all travel is for pleasure) Life’s too short to preserve those expensive shoes or the pretty dress for another day. Why deprive the Airport of the stunning sight you were for Friday’s party. Ditch the drabs for the love of travel. Channel the Carey Bradshaw inside you. And remember that loud, bright stroley in the store. The one that was impossible to miss? Buy it. Easy to spot and difficult to pinch! Get out.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


National Geographic’s collection of their best pictures- my screen saver. And every time I see it, I experience such emotional highs (I’d have to look up the dictionary if that is even a term). I’m not a great animal lover, but it’s the people in the pictures who interest me. Sometimes am mesmerised but sometimes I feel such a pang of sadness that I’d never get to know these people, never know what their story was. What made that Mexican guy look so delighted? Did that old woman have a good life? Did that couple in the picture live happily ever-after? Do those Venetian kids hate water? What encouraged that woman to trek alone in the woods? Has that Greek guy been told that he looks divine?

Its the same feeling when I read history or visit a historical monument, especially palaces... Makes me wonder if the king was actually a brave guy or did he put up a facade, was the princess really a princess or what if the nanny had exchanged kids, was the queen happy being the 4th wife, did the royal doctor really know his stuff or did he just fool the royal family, did the prince have a an affair with an ordinary daasi...