Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Turning 30!

So I have missed nearly every entry on every ThingsToDoBefore30 list. I haven’t revamped by wardrobe, I haven’t been road tripping around USA, I haven’t found my dream vocation and I don’t even have the dream body (whatever that means). Hell, I can make my own RegretsIHaveAsITurn30 list. But then, I am hardly regretting anything. And here’s why- • I have wonderful friends. • My husband thinks I am God’s gift to mankind. (Some other day I shall tell you about how he thinks he’s God though) • My parents are proud of me. (Don’t ask me why, DON’T ASK THEM EITHER. They just are  ) • I don’t hate my boss and (apparently) vice versa. • I have a beautiful place. • I DO NOT hate my colleagues. • Though there is minor wear and tear, the old body is working just fine. • I save up enough to be able to travel. (enough money I mean, there are still problems in the time department)

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