Monday, December 14, 2015

Get Out

Alarm Clocks are detestable objects. In my list of worst inventions ever, alarm clocks are the Abou Ben Adam, surpassing Atom Bombs and hacking software. Yet, on days of early morning flights, alarm clocks sound like Paul Mcartney singing a personalized rendition of Michelle. And it hardly matters as to where the flight is headed. Whether its business or pleasure (IMHO, all travel is for pleasure) Life’s too short to preserve those expensive shoes or the pretty dress for another day. Why deprive the Airport of the stunning sight you were for Friday’s party. Ditch the drabs for the love of travel. Channel the Carey Bradshaw inside you. And remember that loud, bright stroley in the store. The one that was impossible to miss? Buy it. Easy to spot and difficult to pinch! Get out.

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